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Profile: Vancouver style blogger LADYFRANSTAR

22 Feb

As the fashion blogging world continually expands to include new style sites cropping up, readers may find themselves overwhelmed. But having a variety of options translates into greater resources when searching for fashion inspiration. As a part of this site, I’ll be profiling style bloggers around the city. First up is LADYFRANSTAR.


A hip-hop dancer, former punk-rock bassist and fashion lover – Vancouver visual merchandiser and stylist Frances Ignacio is the face behind style blog LADYFRANSTAR.

Take a bow

Though her fashion site is a relatively new endeavour, Ignacio has been blogging for  years – she said her previous blogs were written mostly for fun and used as creative outlets. It wasn’t until her friend Stephen Pham, another visual merchandiser and style blogger, suggested writing about fashion that Frances decided to pursue it.

“With my previous blogs, it was hard to consistently keep up with it and keep posting, so this one’s a lot easier for me because it’s focused on fashion,” she said. Her website documents her outfits, new purchases and thoughts on current trends.

Oh na na, what’s my style?

For Ignacio, her style influences are celebrities, other fashion bloggers (Street Peeper, Face Hunter and Style Bubble are tops on her list) and individuals she meets from different countries. Her style’s constantly changing:

“Back in high school, I had a really funky look – it was a lot darker. But since then, I’ve been out in the world and seen all these people [who have influenced my style],” she said. “So it just keeps changing, the things I like keep changing or I travel and get more inspiration.”

"I put the streaks in just to liven things up and make it fun."

But Ignacio’s main fashion influence is a certain pop singer who used to share the same hairstyle as her.

“My biggest style icon is Rihanna – I love her,” she said. “I just like that she has this edgy look and it’s not boring. I love something that’s edgy, fun, colourful.” She also lists Nicole Richie, Korean girl group 2NE1, and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen among her style icons.

Rockstar 101

Ignacio loves that she gets to use her creativity while working for H&M as a visual merchandiser. One of her favourite tasks is styling the mannequins.

“What I eventually want to do is do styling for music videos or celebrities.”

"Recently, I've been obsessed with harem pants - they're just so comfy and I just love them."

As for her blog goals, she just wants readers to have an appreciation for street style:

“Vancouver is very laid-back. They all like to dress very, very casual. There are certain people out there who love to go outside the box and dress extravagant but I just want people to have more awareness of street fashion and that not everyone has to dress the same. Just go for what inspires you, go for whatever you love to do. I hope people get inspired from my blog.”

Ignacio’s new project, “Be Inspired,” will be spotlighting individuals who are passionate about what they’re doing.

Run this town

Ignacio’s favourite places to shop in Vancouver:

Ignacio’s favourite online stores: