His and hers summer hairstyles

18 Jun

The warmer the weather gets, the less time we want to spend fussing with blow dryers, straighteners and curling irons. Keeping a low-maintenance, yet stylish, hairstyle will ensure more time will be spent playing in the sun than primping in front of the mirror. This month I talk to the experts at Suki’s in Richmond to get their take on the most popular styles for the season.

The new highlights

For colour, ombre hair is the hottest trend of the summer, according to Suki’s colour designer Esther Kim. Seen on the likes of Jessica Biel, Jennifer Lopez and Lauren Conrad, Kim said the soft and sexy ombre look works for every hair type and length.

Lauren Conrad’s ombre locks.

“[Ombre] is the lowest in maintenance as far as colour goes because the whole effect of the ombre is darker towards the root area and gradually lighter toward the ends,” said Kim. “There are endless possibilities in the way that we can make this look achievable by customizing which areas of the hair and face you’d like to enhance.”

Go glam with a blowout

For women with longer hair volume is still very in for the summer season, as spotted on the runways of Versace and Anna Sui. Stylist and Suki’s salon manager James Valiant suggested pairing voluminous hair with a centre parting to showcase one’s features. To achieve this look, Valiant said to start by towel drying clean hair and apply a blow dry enhancing cream.

Jessical Biel sports both the blowout and ombre trends.

“Using products will protect your hair from the heat and it will ensure you have texture and hold,” said Valiant. Then separate hair into sections and blow dry using a round brush, brushing away from roots to create volume.

“Once the hair is dry, make a centre part and brush the hair out,” continued Valiant. “This will give bounce and fullness to the hair.” He said an alternative to the brush and dryer technique is to use Velcro rollers. The smaller the roller the more body and curls; big rollers will create volume but less body. Valiant suggested the use of medium-size rollers to achieve the right balance.

Pomp(adour) and circumstance

The summer hair trend for men is the undercut style. Popularized by celebrities such as David Beckham and Michael Pitt from HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, the undercut is short and tapered on the sides and back, but the top is left longer. Valiant said the bold undercut look is very versatile and can be styled slicked back, in a pompadour, or given the indie rock treatment.

Michael Pitt’s undercut worn slicked back.

For a slicked back look, use gel to hold the hair in place. To get the rocker style hair with an undercut, Valiant recommended using lightweight gel or paste.

“Sweep the hair forward and create details on top as you wish,” said Valiant. The end result will be a relaxed style.

The pompadour takes a little more effort but is well worth it. Valiant called it “the coolest style for men.” A look where the hair is swept upwards from the face to create height on top, he said the pompadour can be worn textured or smooth for guys with straight hair.

David Beckham’s undercut styled in a modern pompadour.

“Blast a blow dryer on high and use your fingers to work the hair upwards while drying,” instructed Valiant. “Pull the hair forward and then bend it back so you get the quiff shape, and ensure you don’t miss the roots while drying. The main trick is to keep working your fingers through the roots — this will create an insane amount of movement from within.”

Whether you end up colouring your hair or making a drastic cut, wear it with confidence. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles this summer; after all, hair will grow back!

[Article first appeared in the June 13 issue of Richmond Review.]

2 Responses to “His and hers summer hairstyles”

  1. Ceevs September 20, 2012 at 12:44 am #

    Hey I’m going for a slicked back undercut but I’m coming from my usual short 0-2 fade. My hair is still relatively short so I was wondering if I have to leave my whole head the same on my lengthy journey to 6-8 inches or could I get the sides touched up along the way? Im the type of guy that sees his barber every 10-14 days so I don’t like the not-so-fresh look. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Celia Leung September 20, 2012 at 9:48 am #

      Hi Ceevs,

      Thanks for your question. I definitely think you should get the sides touched up while you’re trying to grow it out. You see your barber pretty often and there are versatile ways to style it along the way. Hope that helps!

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